Trina Lemons


Mailing Address 2630 Tenderfoot Hill St Ste 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Office Phone (719) 576-5000
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Not just buying and selling houses, Helping families find homes and build a brighter future

Trinity "Trina" Lemons spent over 20 years serving up a little sunshine to our military and the civilians who support them, one cup at a time. She owned and operated a chain of gourmet coffee shops on the military bases in Colorado Springs. With over 14 locations, she got to know and love so many people. Not to mention, keep them well caffeinated! After 20 years, she decided to teach some of her employees to run her business and helped them buy a few of her locations. She helped a number of her former employees become successful business owners in their own right.
She has a degree in Communications with an emphasis in advertising and marketing from California State University, Fullerton. She used her education to create numerous marketing campaigns in the course of her 20 year business. One near and dear to her heart was the "Post it Forward, Spread the Love"campaign in which people would buy a cup of coffee and write a post it note to a veteran, which they would then redeem for a free coffee with a dash of gratitude and love in a little post it note. Naturally, it became a competition between Air Force, Army, Marines and Coast guard to see who gave the most Love...and coffee!
After the sale of her business, she decided to pour her passion in a new field, Real Estate. It has been so much more meaningful than she ever thought it would be. "It's not just helping people buy and sell houses, It's helping families find homes and build a brighter future".